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Immigration is hot button topic right now, especially for Latinos. What are the 3 most important reasons immigration lawyers choose a boutique translation service instead of the corporate experience?

The Center for American Progress reports that there are about 11.1 million unauthorized migrants living in the United States. Most are Spanish speakers; Mexico alone counts for about half of this amount. What do these Spanish immigrants need to remain in the US? What do their lawyers and prospective employers need? What do government agencies need to effectively deal with them? If you are a small immigration law firm, you know there are big gaps that need to be bridged the right way for all 3 parties in this scenario to be happy.

A boutique document translation service can help. What does that mean anyway? The definition of “boutique” is: “Any small, exclusive business offering a customized service”.

3 Reasons Immigration Law Firms Choose Boutique Spanish Translation Service

#1: Because it’s Quicker! Time is money. Delegate! Document translation is crucial – but it’s not what you get paid for. Let the translation services experts handle their business, while you focus on winning the case.

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#2: Because You Wil More Likely Get The Translation You Expect. Delegating the translation of legal immigration documents would be no use if your translation service returned it late, or worse yet, inaccurate. Accuracy in translation is not just a correct word for word translation. Colloquialisms, slang, urban expressions, legal jargon, cultural thoughts and feelings are all part of nailing the translation. PSquared linguists are not just bilingual translators, we are a multicultural family-like translation service team that has experience living in several parts of Central America.



#3: Because Your Translators Become Family. If you have a small, family type agency, you will usually get the same kind of results and service from a boutique translation company like PSquared. Avoid the Wal-Mart approach – a huge translation agency where you never actually speak with your translator. When you work with us, you can always count on speaking with your linguist whenever you need to chat about the project scope.

Translate Your Legal Documents in Spanish with PSquared

Why wait? If you’re ready to lighten your load and use a family oriented, boutique Spanish legal translation service like PSquared, we’re just a phone call away 845-821-1292. Mention the code LINGO2018 and we’ll give you 20% off your first translation.

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